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Litigation Services & Consulting

Harwell International has a dedicated team of professionals lawyers and  who has experience in civil and criminal case in order to ensure that we are able to cater for a truly international clientele.

Working side by side with our team of Thai counterparts, the client can rest assured that their case will be taken care of professionally. Harwell International is able to provide litigation service in the following legal areas:


Information for Clients


Litigation is the process of taking a case to a court of law or carrying on a lawsuit for settling controversies or disputes so that a judgment can be made.

The general courts are ordinary courts which have authorities to try and adjudicate criminal and civil cases.

There are three – tier Court system that classified by their respective methods of hearing cases which comprises the Courts of Justice in Thailand:

Thailand Courts of Justice Tiers

Having a mixture of Western and local legal procedures, all legal matters in Thailand are based on the evidences submitted to the courts and damages are awarded but very rarely do they award punitive damages.

The legal process in Thailand is very time consuming and postponements can be up to a year. Dispute resolution is encouraged and many times settlements are reached instead of approaching the courts.

Most common litigation in Thailand:

  • Family Law

    Divorce Litigation and Child Custody

  • Civil Law

    Breach of Contract

  • Personal Injury

    Tort and Medical Malpractice Litigation

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Power of Attorney


Looking for an attorney that acts on your behalf in Thailand? Allow us to represent you in your case; we gladly help with all private, business or legal affairs.

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Are you in need of notary services such as the validation of signatures or documents, one who acts as a witness for two or more parties?

Last Will & Testament


Will and Testament cases in general are known to take time. Without the right legal counsellor to guide you, it will take even longer. Allow us to help you.


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