Notary Services

A Notary Public is trusted with the power to carry out duties such as the validation of signatures or documents and to act as a witness for both written or verbal affidavits or statements taken under oath. This service is crucial in order to provide valid authenticity of such formal or legal documents.

In Thailand the practice differs slightly. In the absence of dedicated notaries public, the role is entrusted to a select group of lawyers employed under the title of Notarial Services Attorneys. In order to receive accreditation for their role, Thai lawyers are required to undertake and pass a professional program of training devised by the Lawyers Council of Thailand regulatory board.

Upon completion of the qualification, a Notarial Attorney is designated with the legal authority to perform the following duties:

  • To validate the authenticity of the signatures of a legal document and the identity of its signatories.
  • To act as a witness for the signing parties of legal documentation.
  • To administer affirmations and oaths.
  • To attest to and certify various types of documentation

Please note: Thailand is not subject to Hague Convention legislation concerning the abolishment of the requirement for legalisation for foreign public documents, therefore notarised documents that have been created in Thailand may be subject to further authentication or legalisation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, or by the Embassy of the country in which the document is to be submitted.