Marriage Registration

A Betrothal Ceremony is not legally required in order for a Thai marriage to solemnized, but merely acts as an agreement in which a promise to marry is made by the two consenting parties. In order for the betrothal agreement to be valid, a man must provide a form of engagement property to the woman as evidence of the agreement. Upon this arrangement, damages claims may be filed in the advent of any form of breach of the betrothal agreement. Care must be taken to ensure marriage registration corresponds to specific guidelines for persons of various nationalities.


Couples wishing to be married in Thailand must meet the following requirements:

  • Both parties involved must be at least 17 years of age, whilst foreigners should be of the legal age for marriage in their respective home country. A court ruling may be issued to grant special permission to marry before reaching the legal age if valid reasons can be provided.
  • Both parties must not be related by blood in direct ascendance, including half-blood relationships i.e: half-brother or half-sister.
  • Both parties must be certified as sane and competent, with the mental capacity to agree on the betrothal.
  • The parties should not have the same adoptive parents.
  • At the time of marriage, neither party should already have a legal spouse. In the instance of a recently divorced or widowed woman, the marriage must take place at least 310 days after the legal nullification of the former marriage. The marriage may take place before this period if a court order is obtained, the woman can provide a medical certificate to show she is not pregnant, a child has been born during the grace period of 310 days, or the divorced coupe decide to re-marry.

Foreigners will need to provide a range of documents to ensure their marriage can take place. These include:

A copy of their passport and arrival card.
An affidavit confirming the marital status of the given person obtained from their embassy.
An approved Thai translation of the aforementioned affidavit by a Foreign Ministry Translator


Both parties must make public their consent of the declaration to marry before a registrar in order for the marriage to be recorded and legally valid.

An application for the above may be filed at any District Office or Minor District Office across the nation, regardless of the place of birth of both parties.

A request to file for marriage made be made directly to the registrar if both parties are unable to register at a District Office or Minor District Office. The marriage will then fall under supervision of the District Office of the chosen place of registration.

The title used with the forename and last name of the female will be changed by the District Officer if the marriage registration is filed at the female’s birthplace (the said name must already be registered on the House Registration Certificate).

The marriage of the two persons will only became valid after the registration has been made. Upon completion of the process, a Marriage Registration Certificate must be obtained to prove the validity of the marriage.