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Are you planning to work in Thailand? If yes, you will need to acquire a work permit. A work permit is required to work legally in Thailand. It is a crucial document for both individuals and companies. If you try to work without a work permit, it is possible that you could get blacklisted or deported from Thailand.



Why do you need a work permit?


You need a work permit to legally work in Thailand. It is a legal document that confirms a foreigner’s position, current occupation or job description as well as the company you are employed by. It serves as a legal license to perform a job or occupation which is allowed for foreigners living in Thailand. 

In some cases, a work permit is also required to open a bank account, transfer money abroad, purchase a vehicle or apply for health insurance. In general, possessing a work permit makes your professional life in Thailand much easier.

What are the new laws for a work permit in Thailand?


The Alien Workers Act 2008 of Thailand requires that foreigners obtain a work permit before they can start working in the Kingdom. While you still need a work permit, some of the laws have been eased. In 2017, the King of Thailand issued Decree No.1 which repeals some of the older laws regarding work permits. In 2018, the Thai King issued Decree No. 2 which repeals some parts of Decree No.1.

To understand, Decree No.1 states that when a foreigner receives a work permit, he must work for the same employer, at the same location, and keep the same job occupation that is listed in the work permit. This can only be changed if the foreigner has applied for and satisfied the requirements of Section 71 of the same Decree.

Decree No. 2 is a bit more lenient and has repealed Section 71 and Section 72 of Decree No. 1 which means that a work permit holder may engage in a job title that are not specified on the list of jobs particularly restricted from foreign nationals. The Decree also states that a work permit holder may now also work for anyone in any location in Thailand, as long as the job is not on the restricted list from foreign workers.


How can you get a Thai work permit?


Thai work permitThere is an application process to be followed in order to obtain a work permit, and both the company and individual must provide a comprehensive list of documents.

The company you work for will need to submit documents that are stamped with the company’s seal on each page. Additionally, the managing directors or company directors will need to sign their names next to the company seal on each page. The documents the company needs to submit include Company Registration Department Certificate, a list of the company’s shareholders, certified by the Commercial Registration Department, Factory License (if applicable), certified by the Factory Department of the Ministry of Industry, VAT certificate Phor Phor 20, VAT filings Phor Phor 30, Withholding Tax form Phor Ngor Dor 1, Social Securitypayment filings and an employment contract stating position, job requirements, salary, and contract duration.

As an individual, you are also responsible for preparing a variety of paperwork, which includes your passport with signed copies of every page, non-immigrant visa with signed copy, departure card TM.6, university or college degree with transcripts, certificates or licenses (if applicable), resume/cv, three photos, each 5×6 cm, taken in the last six months, a marriage certificate if married to a Thai national, and medical certificate issued in the last 30 days. All of the copies submitted must be original and with your signature.


How can Harwell Legal help you obtain a work permit?


You must have a legal visa before obtaining a work permit. Harwell Legal International Law Office has a proven track record in immigration and visa matters. We can assist you in the visa application and process, which will then allow you to get your legal work permit.

We offer a wide range of various professional visa services including Marriage Visa, Retirement Visa, Business Visa, One-Year Visa and a 90 Days Visa. If you would like to learn more about visas and work permits in Thailand, please contact us. Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer any questions you have as well as offer assistance.


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