Marriage Visa


‘Thai Marriage Visa’ is the widely recognised term for the ‘1-Year Extension of Stay Based on Marriage’ type visa.
The Thai Marriage Visa is issued once a foreigner has met the requirements of the immigration bureau upon marriage to a Thai national.
The Thai Marriage Visa grants the holder permission to remain in the Kingdom of Thailand for one year without having the leave the country.
The Thai Marriage Visa may be renewed on a yearly basis from within Thailand as long as all requirements are met.
The Thai Marriage Visa allows the bearer to obtain a work permit and seek employment within the country.
Thai Marriage Visas are favorable to prospective employers as it will reduce the amount of paperwork required for employment.


The applicant must be married to a Thai national.

This is to be proven through the submission of a marriage certificate. In some cases depending on provincial offices, an ‘Affirmation of Freedom to Marry’ certificate must also be acquired from by the foreign applicant from their embassy in Thailand.

Applicants must meet financial requirements:

  • Have proof that at least THB 400,000 of cash has been held in a Thai bank account for over 2 months prior to the visa application, or
  • Supply proof of a monthly income of at least THB 40,000 with a letter of verification from the foreign embassy of the applicant, or
  • Have proof of both Thai bank account savings and a yearly income combining a total of THB 400,000 annually
  • Valid documents to prove means of support are as follows:
    • Either an up to date bank book or passbook, or
    • An official letter from the bank, stating that the funds in your account have been transferred from an overseas source no less than two months prior to your application.

In some cases you may need to provide a Police Clearance Certificate and a Medical Certificate.

However, it is rare that these documents will be required if applying for the visa from inside of the country.




It is not possible to directly apply for a Thai Marriage Visa and certain processes have to be followed before your visa is issued. Please ensure that you adhere to all specific requirements during the application process, as insufficient evidence or information may lead to an unsuccessful application attempt. The following pointers can maximise your chance of a successful application:


Either a 90-day or 1-Year Non-Immigrant O visa must be obtained from a Thai embassy in a country other than Thailand before applying for a Thai Marriage Visa.

After the aforementioned visa is acquired, you must enter Thailand to activate it. Make sure all of the relevant documents for your Marriage Visa Application are complete and in order. The application for extension must then be made as you enter the last 30 days of your 90-day permitted stay.
All documents must be submitted to the local Immigration Office.

Please note that he process can take up one month before the Marriage Visa is issued.


You may also apply for a marriage visa at your local Immigration Office if you hold a Visa Exemption Stamp or Tourist Visa.




90-day Reporting


Holders of a Thai Marriage Visa will need to report to the nearest Immigration Office every 90 days to provide details of their current address.


Holders of the Marriage Visa do not need to report their address if they are not in the country when their 90-day period ends. Instead, they will receive a further 90-days upon re-entering Thailand.


Re-entry Permit


If you make plans to leave Thailand before the expiration of your one-year visa, you first need to apply for a multiple re-entry permit to avoid your visa being cancelled upon departure from the country. It is not necessary if you do not plan to leave the country.


It is possible to apply for a re-entry permit at your local Immigration Office or at most international airports.






The Thai Marriage Visa can be renewed upon expiration after one year by presenting the same documents as the initial application. Upon application for extension, ensure that the required funds stipulated above have been deposited in your bank for at least 3 month prior to the renewal.


The Thai Marriage Visa will automatically become null and void in the event of divorce. In this case you will need to leave the country. Under certain circumstances, measures are made to allow you to stay in the country until the expiration of your current visa.