Business Visa

In order to seek employment or open and operate a business, foreigners must procure a Thai Business Visa. This type of visa can be best obtained from your own country. However, business type visas may be extended from within Thailand or outside of the country.


There are two types of visa for which you may apply, depending upon the nature of your work or business.


Any foreign national wishing to conduct any form of business within the country of Thailand will need to obtain a Non-Immigrant B visa for the purpose of conducting business.

90 Days Non-Immigrant Visa (Single-Entry)

Initially, a 90-Day Non-Immigrant Single Entry Visa must be applied for. This can be obtained from a Thai embassy or consulate in your home country or a neighbouring country to Thailand.

1-Year Non-Immigrant Visa (Multiple-Entry)

After the expiration of the initial 90-day visa, an extension to a 1-year non-immigrant multiple entry visa may be obtained. A work permit will need to be acquired before the extension can be granted.

A multiple-entry visa is beneficial to those wishing to travel frequently in and out of Thailand.

Non-Immigrant B Visa (Employment)

Any foreign national wishing to seek employment within the country of Thailand will need to obtain a Non-Immigrant B visa for the purpose of employment. After the issuing of the initial 90-day visa, a work permit application will need to be submitted. Upon receipt of your work permit, you may apply for a 1-Year Non-Immigrant B visa from within Thailand.
Holders of 1-Year Non-Immigrant B visa will need to report to the nearest Immigration Office every 90 days to provide details of their current address. You will not need to report your address if you are not in the country when their 90-day period ends. Instead, you will receive a further 90-days upon re-entry to Thailand.

If you make plans to leave Thailand, you first need to apply for a re-entry permit to avoid your visa being cancelled upon departure from the country. It is not necessary if you do not plan to leave the country.

It is possible to apply for a re-entry permit at your local Immigration Office or at most international airports. It is possible to renew your Non-Immigrant visa inside of Thailand.


Thai authorities need to be satisfied that you do not pose a public or security threat to the state in order to issue the visa. All applicants for a Non-Immigrant B type visa must be physically present within the kingdom during the application process.
The requirements to be met for the Non-Immigrant B visa are as follows:

  • The applicant must hold a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the intended date of travel to Thailand.
  • An invitation or confirmation letter must be completed by your employer that clearly states the purpose of your prospective employment in Thailand.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your proposed stay in the form of a bank statement or official letter are required.
  • A travel itinerary and details of planned place of residence will also need to be submitted.

If all documents meet the required standards, your visa application can be made by mail or in person through the Thai embassy or consulate in your country of domicile.

Please note, the Thai embassy in which you lodge your application may also request further documents and a fee for processing your application.

Initial Non-immigrant B Visa Application Process:

The visa application process is as follows:

  • Initial preparation of all required documents by the applicant and employer.
  • Postal or physical submission of required documents by the applicant to the Thai embassy or consulate in their present country of domicile.
  • Payment of application fees to the embassy/consulate. Payments may be made in cash or by personal cheque or credit card.
  • Application review period: Please allow between 5-10 working days. Timescales for applications may vary depending upon the embassy or consulate where the application was submitted.