Company Setup


Business Registration is up due to Thailand’s unprecedented economic growth over the years which has been attracting investors to Thailand and addressing the country’s increasing market demands while hoping to maximize the return on their investments in the process. Foreign investors are flocking to Thailand because of strong government support and incentives, sufficient infrastructure, skilled and a cost effective workforce. Doing business in Thailand is also supported by well-defined policies geared towards liberalisation and free trade, social and political stability and the country’s strategic location in Asia. The same reasons why doing business in Thailand is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world.

When doing business in Thailand, you have the choice over what type of business organisation to establish. These are the options:

  • Registered Ordinary or Limited Partnership,
  • Representative Office or Regional Office or Branch Office
  • Limited Company

Due to its flexibility, the Limited Company is the most appealing form of business organisation among foreigners doing business in Thailand.