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Thailand’s Premier International Law Firm in Thailand, offers comprehensive legal services to foreign and local clients. Our experienced lawyers provide friendly, client-focused and result driven services across various areas of law.

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You are planning to establish your business in a foreign country and struggle with local laws, trying to bypass pitfalls and potential risks? We know the situation all too well.

Or perhaps you are planning to settle down in Thailand, but have difficulties with your Visa, or immigration matters in general? Quite a common situation.

Maybe you have already settled down and want to buy a property / real estate, settle legal matters with a tenant that has you caught up in a contract with downright illegal clauses?

No matter if you are looking for help with personal, family-related or business matters, our Phuket lawyers stand ready to help, offering support, vast experience and proven track record. At Harwell Legal Law firm Phuket, we offer personal, competent and professional legal services to all clients we work with. Our Phuket lawyers could help with  matters in the areas of property law; we offer legal advice for corporates, we aid in family matters and immigration and Visa related cases.

Practice of Law Areas

Legal & Litigation

Legal & Litigation

Power of attorney or notary services,  we help with all Legal & Litigation services in Phuket.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Need help with property purchase or buy real estate, escrow accounts or information of some properties of interest to you?

Business Legal Services


We aid corporate businesses with registrations, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, among others.

Family Law

Family Law

From marriage, Thailand divorce, adoption, custody, will and testament; we help with all personal matters when it is most needed.

Visa Application

Visa Application

No matter the Visa you need help with; from marriage to business and retirement Visa, we stand ready to help.

Need a Lawyer or a Legal Consultant?

If you are in need of legal aid / legal advice, no matter if that concedes personal, family, corporate or Visa-related issues, allow our experienced Phuket lawyer and consultants to help you through the legal jungle that often sits right in front of you. We guide you through the process individually, we help you get clear answers to your questions professionally, competently and respectfully.

Harwell Legal Articles & News

Would you like to learn more about the legal services provide to our clients? Maybe you’d like to read some case studies or get other news about our legal firm Phuket? Then our news section is a perfect starting point for you!

The Importance of a Negotiation Lawyer

Lawyers negotiate constantly. Negotiations are used in various areas of the law to settle disputes. If you find yourself needing to settle a dispute, it is best to seek the advice of a Negotiation Lawyer.

At the start of 2020, a new property tax legislation was entered into law in Thailand. The law endeavors to encourage the productive use of land and improve tax collections.

Property Tax in Thailand

Are you ready to invest in property in Thailand? While there is no doubt that owning property in Phuket, can be lucrative, it is also important to be aware of the property tax in Thailand.

At the start of 2020, a new property tax legislation was entered into law in Thailand. The law endeavors to encourage the productive use of land and improve tax collections.

Owning Property as a Foreigner in Thailand

People interested in a Phuket property investment are likely to be overwhelmed when it comes to owing property as a foreigner in Thailand. While the spectrum may be very broad, as long as you have a good legal team to answer your questions, the process can actually be seamless.


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